CHN has invested in the necessary solutions and infrastructure to support clinical integration, including:

  • data information exchange
  • patient registries
  • analytics
  • provider portal
  • care management solutions

CHN’s information technology architecture and expertise is critical to help practices effectively use and analyze payer data to enhance population health and care coordination capabilities.
Information technology is a foundational requirement and an enabler of clinical integration. CHN’s technologies are based on nearly 20 years of providing delegated case management, disease management and utilization management services for various managed care organizations.
Clinical Integration & Population Management Platform

CHN practices will have access to Valence Health’s Vision platform, a technology solution that integrates clinical and payer data in near real-time across the network and all care settings.

The Vision platform presents data from across the care continuum in a transparent, patient-centric solution, allowing practices to see all services performed at Children’s Mercy and other CHN entities.

Vision will serve as CHN’s clinical integration platform for measuring and facilitating efficiency and quality improvement, tracking care against evidence-based guidelines, and providing risk stratification to support targeted interventions for the highest risk and highest cost patients.

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Data security has been reviewed to ensure all technologies meet or exceed current HIPAA and HITECH security compliance requirements and regulations. This includes but is not limited to security requirements for the use of electronic protected health information, data center protocols (redundancy, access, security, etc.), data transmission, user authentication, and password management.